Draw changes of behavior.

Nodes represent different behaviors which never change. Arrows symbolize events.

visual editor

Code different behaviors.

Associate drawn nodes with functional code.

the code is stateless

Have fun!

Function calls are dispatched to the current node of the graph.

automata-based dispatch

What can Rosmaro give you?

Visual editing

Changes of behavior are drawn using the Rosmaro Visual Editor. It produces a human-readable JSON file.

Dynamic graphs

The children of a composite node may be specified using a function of the context.

The right model for the job

The behavior-related state is expressed by a state machine, while the data-related state lives in a dictionary.

Reuse and composition

Models may be included within other models.

Graph-based dispatch

Function calls are dispatched based on the current node of the state machine. There's no need to check the current state.

Existing tooling

There are utilities to use Rosmaro with React, Redux and Redux-Saga.

The Screencast